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OCTOBER 15 & 16, 2016

2 Days/1 Night - $159 per golfer

The Mayor’s Fall Invitational will be held straight up I-77 North in the Roaring Gap area, near the Virgina state line.

Meet at Olde Beau Saturday play 18-holes, then Sunday hit the links of Cedarbrook.

MAY 18-20, 2017

3 Days/2 Nights - $299 per golfer

The 14th annual SuckBack Cup will be held May 18th - May 20th in the mountains of western North Carolina. We will drive to Cherokee for a day of golf and a night of fun at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. Then head on over to Asheville for a some more golf and hang out in one of the coolest towns in North Carolina on Friday night.

JULY 22 & 23, 2017

2 Days/1 Night - $189 per golfer

The Summer Splat will be held in the Sandhills of the Pinehurst area. We will be playing two of the most unique and stunning courses in North Carolina.

Meet at Tobacco Road Saturday around noon and play 18-holes. Then Sunday shoot over and play Dormie Club.

About The Mayor


In 2002 the mayor and his brother decided to head to Myrtle Beach for a little golf weekend. They had a great time and could not stop talking about it. So they decided the next time they would invite some friends. The following year they both invited a buddy. One of the buddies kept screaming "Suck Back" whenever a ball hit the green and that was the year the "SuckBack" Cup came to be. As the years followed the group grew and grew. Friends of friends of friends decides to join the gang. Now a days there is a core group that ventures out every year. Some miss a year here or there due to kids, graduations, weddings and other demands ... you know Life! But they always come back... cause it's Suck Back Baby!!


Because the Mayor just loves doing it. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting around the last night and seeing everybody talk about the great times they had that year and stories of the past years.

Addressing the ball:
"Concentrate, straight left arm, slow take away, shift weight.... hmmm sandwich or burger at the turn .... hmmm ... should I do shots tonight or just stick to beer ... hmmm ... Oh, keep head still.."

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